Couple’s Weekly Dessert

Jan 1- 7
Spend some time together to assess the journey of your marriage, re-define your marriage goals, outline new action plans to strengthen your “connection by purpose” this year . Keep a journal or diary to help you assess the output at least every quarter.

Jan 8-15
Have you set new relationship goals with your partner? How did the discussion go? Were you transparent and honest with each other? If not, here’s another week to give it a chance. You’d be glad you did. Helpful ways to start:

On a piece of paper, write 3 things that make your partner unique and 3 things you admire about your relationship. Then start by asking any or all of the following questions. You can add yours, be creative and have fun doing it.

– How would you rate our love life last year on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very boring/no spark and 5 being very vibrant/romantic)?
– How much time did we spend alone together last year?
– Are we really becoming one: spirit, soul and body?
– What did we achieve together last year spiritually, financially, emotionally?
– What 5 things would you like me to continue to do and the one thing you’d like me to improve/change?

Give it a try and do let me know how it went. See you soon.


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