Knowing You are near
Believing You’ve got it in your hands
Learning Your ways
Leaning on Your grace

Thinking of Your promises
Reminiscing on victories won
Basking in Your glory
Singing Your story

Walking in Your love
Roaming in Your mercy
Drawing strength from You
Echoing Your truth

Springing with hope
Growing in faith
Affirming Your word
Resting in your arms

Where would I be without you?
What could I do without you?
How could I live without you?
Keeper of My Heart

On the last Monday of 2013..acknowledge the Giver of Life and all that’s in it.
Sing a song. “How Great Is Our God”

Have a great day.

Yours truly,
Fofo (@lovecafeseries)
BB PIN: 265E9F5A


About lovecafeseries

a song writer, author, relationship & career catalyst; also passionate about spicing up intimacy with the Most High. I'm excited about living life to the fullest and leaving my footprints in the sands of time, helping those I meet along the way and reaching out when I need help too. My other blog is 'Diary of a Renewed Mom' ( , check it out if you're a new mom. Cheers, Fofo.
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